"On the Road Again", Again, and Again

We have been telling you guys for a few weeks about the upcoming tour. Well the time has finally come. We are in Pigeon Forge, Tn., and Jason will be competing in the North America Country Music Association International, competition in just a few short hours. The competition has been going on all week, and features artists from all genres: Country Gospel, Bluegrass, Traditional Country, etc. The Competition, will end tomorrow, with an awards show on Sunday afternoon.

We will be heading to Talladega, Al on Tuesday, to Macon, Georgia, Tuesday night, and to Marianna, AK on Friday, for radio interviews, churches, and various other venues. Although we are trying very hard to promote the songs, and get the word out, the most important thing is that God shows up; and in some way touches someone's life. We will be in certain venues this week to where we know for sure, some of those people will be hurting, their lives will be broken, and we pray that God is able to use us to minister to them. 

This is a very exciting, but also difficult time. Traveling for days or weeks at a time, is not easy, especially with children. Please keep us in your prayers, that we have safe travel, and that God would guide us with His Holy Spirit, and we would listen to his voice. No matter how busy or crazy things get in our lives, we cannot forget, to remember the reason that we are able to do anything in this life is through the strength that we receive through Jesus Christ.

I want to say thank you to each and everyone of you, who prayed for our son Spencer! He is doing much better, and hoping to be well enough to return to work next week. If you have a prayer request that you would like us to join with you in prayer, please feel free to email it to us. Please continue to keep our family in your prayers.

                                                           Until Next Time,

                                                           Jason & Heather

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