Rev. Rick Naylor has been my pastor for most of my church membership. He is more than just a pastor but a very talented singer/songwriter. I have been blessed to record some of his songs and have him as a co-writer on songs that I've done like "Right Now", "Message In A Bottle", and my most recent song....."Soldier". 

Pastor Rick Naylor


Pastor Rick has written several songs he has available for artists who are interested. His songs include "Price Is Right", "Not One Stain", and many more. Click the link to hear one of his songs. 

In  2016 Jason met singer/songwriter Marty Denton from McGehee, AR  and their friendship blossomed with Jason recording songs "Promise Of A Pardon", "It's Only God's Call To Make", "Isaiah 43:2", and "Life Laced With Lies" all written or co-written by Denton. Since then they have worked together to write songs "Right Now", "These Are The Moments", "The Perfect Gift", "Don't Forget To Take'm Fishing", and "Message In A Bottle." 

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